NEW SINGLE: Portland
"I have been a vagrant. I've been on the road for days. I forgot my name just to forget your face..."

Mixing rock and reggae in a style not unlike Led Zeppelin's "D'yer Maker", Portland is a story about running away.

From judgement... from guilt... and from a past that won't let go.

Jesus said, "no prophet is accepted in his hometown".

Meaning, the people we grew up with aren't exactly the best judges of our true potential.

So if you ever feel suffocated by your surroundings, leaving is always an option...

...just make sure not to lose yourself along the way.
==>Thursday May 30th at The Urban Lounge

241 500 E
Tickets: $5

==>Monday June 24th at The Loading Dock
445 400 W

==>Saturday September 14th at Funk 'n' Dive
2550 Washington Blvd, Ogden UT
Tickets: $5
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Utah's Hottest New Rock Band is On Track to Make National Headlines in 2019
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Salt Lake City, UT – Spirit Machines has hit the valley like an atom bomb. 

One of Salt Lake’s newest and most exciting acts, Spirit Machines is the brainchild of MIT chemists, computer programmers, radio hosts and entrepreneurs. The ultimate creation of lifelong musicians who have spent over 10 years preparing for this. exact. moment. Preparing to rock you... and everyone else... into the next dimension. 

Spirit Machines is hard rock and features screaming guitar solos with melodic breakdowns over a furious rhythm section. Yet lead vocalist Pepper Rose’s voice makes it all easy on the ears. 

There is something irresistibly catchy about every word she sings. But it’s more than just a catchy song. It means something. There is cathartic, healing truth. And that’s when you realize:

Spirit Machines is about facing your deepest, darkest fears... and winning. 
Pepper Rose – Lead Vocals
Pepper Rose (@pepper.rose.slc) has music in her blood. The daughter of an elite bassist in the highly competitive Gospel circuit, everyone expected her to be a great musician.⁣
Even still, she didnt pick up a guitar until 2011, when she attended MIT for chemistry. After getting her masters, Rose returned to Salt Lake City, where she is bootstrapping a brand new chemistry lab at the U of U, with a focus on curing cancer.⁣
Naturally intuitive, she loves channeling the intensity of SM bandmates into narrative rock ballads that somehow are as relatable as they are out of this world.⁣ 

Instagram: @pepper.rose.slc
Veronica Wyatt – Rhythm Guitar
Chicago native Veronica moved to the Salt Lake City area in 2017 to pursue her dreams. Veronica is a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics from DePaul University and proud to work at an artificial intelligence tech startup. ⁣
⁣Veronica began playing music at the age of 7, first on piano, before moving to drums and eventually guitar. Her deep love for music and a strong desire to better the world around her drove her to join a rock band and become an icon for feminine power worldwide. ⁣

Instagram: @yogini_v
Sergio Marticorena – Bass
Sergio is the proud owner of a couple sassy cats and a ball python.

A lifelong musician, he joined his first rock band in the 8th grade, playing bass. He learned guitar after joining the skateboard scene and has been playing in rock, punk and ska bands ever since.

Master cocktail maker; Star Wars lover; facial hair enthusiast. When Sergio is not tearing a stage down or getting a new tattoo, he enjoys long moonlit walks on the beach. 
Michael Collins – Drums
In the past 10 years, Michael Collins has surfed in San Diego, started companies in Austin Texas, jammed with members of the Roots in Boulder Colorado, and managed cutthroat business in Shenzhen China. ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Michael has won multiple awards in business and music, including a mention by the Percussive Arts Society of Utah. He was once singled out by one of Hollywood’s most famous directors for his unique “star aura”.⁣

Instagram: @mikethedrummer70
DAve Crespo – Lead Guitar
When rock n' roll divided a piece found its way into the hair of DAve Crespo.⁣

Instagram: @sporulesdude